Social TV Widgets Get Better and Better on FiOS TV

Social networking is alive and well on FiOS TV.  We’re now adding new features to the FiOS TV Facebook and Twitter Widgets.  And we’re letting Verizon At Home blog readers know about it first.

Since we introduced these Widgets just three weeks ago, subscribers have been able to view Tweets about the shows they were watching, see Facebook photos and albums, and update their Facebook status with the show they’re watching.

Customers tell us they love the new “social TV” Widgets, but they wanted more.  They want to send Tweets, not just look at them.  They want to create their own unique Facebook status messages.

Done and done.  We have already made the upgrades in New York City, and soon we’ll add them in all other FiOS TV markets too.

Subscribers can Tweet about the TV show they are watching or search and follow their friends’ Tweets.

Viewers can also update their Facebook status with their own messages.

All of this is simply done via the FiOS TV remote control and an onscreen keyboard.

One of the great things about FiOS TV is how easily the team here can upgrade and add features – features like these that cable hasn’t even thought of.

We will make a formal announcement of all this next week, but keep checking the Verizon At Home blog for the latest on the Widget Bazaar application marketplace.

Meanwhile, take a look at this news story that NBC10 Philadelphia did about our Facebook Widget.

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